Luleå based Netrounds develops and sells software that ensures that telecom operators can deliver quality assured services faster while lowering their costs of operation and maintenance. Tomorrow’s telecom networks are programmable, changing and software-based, unlike today’s networks are built on expensive and difficult custom hardware. Even today, the end customers themselves order and decide what services they want, at a pace that was previously unthinkable in older generation networks.

A consequence of this is that manual procedures are very expensive, which is why automated operation is an absolute requirement from the telecom operators to make them competitive while ensuring good quality of the services delivered. Netrounds is the first product that solves this automated quality assurance and at the same time meet the telecom-market requirements to be programmable and software-based. Netrounds has been developing since 2007 with the aim of becoming the leading solution for automated quality assurance of computer networks and services. With the investment from Inlandsinnovation and a group of private investors Netrounds target more markets outside the Nordic region.