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  • Venture capital enables growth


    Increase your competitiveness

    With Inlandsinnovation as an active partner, you will get a professional team committed to your business, as well as support for structure and strategy, all to improve your prospects for growth.

    Great networks with private and public co-financiers

    Our portfolio contains diverse competences in a variety of industries, all with the common feature that they operate in venture capital in the seven northern counties. A few times each year we make room for more contact and networking between all parties when we arrange the popular Portfolio days. We work with experts in venture capital and invite lecturers on various themes to provide a great opportunity for your network and business knowledge to increase.

    Get strategic advice

    We have a skilled team of investment professionals who stand ready to advise on expansion, export plans, new issues and more. In the long term, we are preparing your business for sale, which is the goal of all types of risk capital.

    Get help with business development

    To increase business utility, we implement our policies in governance and sustainable business in all of our portfolio companies. As a venture capital company owned by the Swedish state, we have clear demands on our sustainability efforts, and all of our new companies will undergo workshops on the topic to their own targets in the area. Learn more about our sustainability commitments  here.

    Increased means and structure

    We ask for good structure and a functioning reporting in all the companies we invest in. We can assist the company to initiate routines so both parties can follow the progress of the company. When we invest venture capital in a company, we also add a representative of the board, a person who sees the company’s best on behalf of Inlandsinnovation.

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    Inlandsinnovation is a venture capital company with a strong owner in the Swedish government. It is not just security for your business, but can also be a competitive advantage over your competitors. Read more about Observits development since Inlandsinnovation invested in the company.