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  • The next generation of saw units

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    JPS Teknik AB is active in the forest industry and develop the saw units for harvesting heads, grapple saws and larger cutters. During 2012 the saw unit R5500 saw the light of dayfor the first time and it has been well received in the industry. The saw is designed to provide optimum performance, it reduces; cutting cracks, fuel consumption, wear, and noise, simply a more efficient kerf.

    The Färila company lead by CEO Peter Sörell is set on international expansion with the R5500, an innovation that has been well received in the market. Inlandsinnovation is involved in the expansion journey since December 2014.

    JPS Teknik AB
    Peter Sörell, vd
    +46 (0)651 230 00
    Skrytvägen 9
    820 41 Färila