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    Inlandsinnovation is a subsidiary company to Saminvest AB. Inlandsinnovation has during six years invested in growing companies in various industries in the northern parts of Sweden. We are still an active partner which helps our existing portfolio companies to grow. Due to a parliamentary decision by 1 January 2017 Inlandsinnovation will make no new investments.

    Saminvest AB is a newly established company for venture capital investments, which is owned by the Swedish Government. The company was established July 1, 2016 following a decision by the parliament. Saminvest focus is to invest indirectly in companies through privately managed funds, known as a “fund of funds” methodology. In addition to enhanced supply of risk willing financing, the upshift with private capital, should be working to help develop venture capital markets and the financial ecosystem in Sweden and thus improve the conditions for innovation and growth. The focus will be innovative companies with high growth potential.